The Common Cold

With all of the common areas where we find ourselves, such as airports, malls, schools and such, avoiding something as infectious and communicable as the common cold is difficult.

There are so many variants of the common cold rhinovirus that it is not likely a vaccine will ever be developed. This image is a molecular representation from Wikipedia of just one variant.

Common Cold Virus

There are few (if any) decent antiviral drugs and the ones that we have are very damaging to the liver. Moreover, these antivirals are far too damaging to be used on such a common and self-terminating condition. The status quo for dealing with a cold is simply to treat the symptoms.

Some colds last for several days and some for a week. That can mean a lot of time spent sneezing, feeling dizzy, rundown and sick.

The interesting common denominator of the common cold is that it tends to maintain a base of reproduction in the nasal passages. As such, it is actually a rather easy target to reach.

When you consider the very effective anti-viral effects of an enhanced aqueous silver colloid, there are two major advantages that all other solutions do not provide.

You can protect yourself from getting a cold by spraying the active agent into the nasal passages prophylactically, and you can also terminate a cold by blocking viral replication once it has grown to the point of being an infection.

Common Cold Treatment Protocol

The key to using this active agent effectively rests upon the protocol. If you were to take a teaspoon orally when you have a cold, the colloid would be dispersed throughout your entire body and would never achieve the virucidal concentrations of greater than 5 micrograms per milliliter anywhere.

After doing this a few times, most people would assume that one cannot use a silver colloid to terminate a cold. Some people will benefit from placebo and believe that it did shorten the duration.

With the proper protocol, excellent results can be enjoyed. Here is what we know and what we have observed.

In order to prevent a cold or worse illness, you need to spray the colloid directly into the nasal cavity periodically throughout the waking day. If you are sitting next to someone who is sick (sneezing and coughing), then you want to spray the colloid as often as every 30 minutes.

If you are just out and about in the mall during the winter, then spraying it in your nose a few times during the day is likely to be sufficient. The only goal here is to inhibit any virus that you breathe from replicating into larger numbers and causing an infection. This is not difficult to do when the numbers are small such as during the initial exposure.

If you have missed the opportunity to block a cold from infecting you, you will probably start to feel tired, your eyes may become itchy, your throat dry and sore, and your nose may start to run. At the first sign of these symptoms it is vitally important to begin treatment.

Left unchecked, the rhinovirus will do significant damage to nasal membrane cells. The number of days (or hours) that you are into the infection is directly proportional to the time it will also take to terminate and heal from the condition.

How to treat a cold

At the first signs of infection, begin spraying the colloid into your nose liberally. You can use a product like Sinus Relief that comes in a pocket-sized spray bottle. Spray it every 5 minutes. Keep the area saturated.

The mucosal flow, constantly blowing your nose and other bodily fluids will ruin and block the colloid, so regular re-application is critical to success. The virus will be replicating every 20 minutes so a population of 1 million will be 2 million in 20 minutes, 4 million in 40 minutes and 6 million in an hour.

If you only spray every hour, you will slow it down, but you will still be sick for days. If you spray every 5 minutes, you will be through with the cold in approximately 12 hours.

It is best to spray it after you blow your nose. That way, the spray will get excellent direct access to the infected tissues.

After the virus colony that has caused your cold is killed, then you can expect a couple of days of extra mucousal flow to rid you of the dead virus and to heal your sinus tissues. Herbal nasal products such as Congestion Relief, which is in a compact spray bottle, and Herbal Neti Soother, which is used in a neti pot, can help to keep your sinuses clear while your own body heals the damage done by the virus.