The Flu

Preventing the Flu

It is important to understand that the Flu, like the Cold, begins with an infection in your nose. However, it does not stay there. It becomes systemic, moving throughout your body.

Flu and Cold Viruses

If you spray prophylactically in the very early stages while it is still in your nose, you can stop the flu virus before it spreads. If you wait until it has spread throughout your body then spraying colloid in your nose will not stop it.

It may reduce the damage in your nose, but it will not reduce the duration of the illness. The flu is very contagious. So if you are in an environment where people are sick and contagious with the flu, you would be well advised to spray an enhanced aqueous silver colloid regularly so that you can inhibit the viral replication while your body detects the invasion and prepares a response.

Treating the Flu

If you are unable to protect yourself from the flu, then you need an effective anti-viral agent that works well systemically. There are two that I have found.

  • The first effective agent is humic acid. This is usually available in capsules and taking a gram (two capsules) several times per day has a very significant effect on reducing the impact of the flu.

  • The second useful agent is Sodium Chlorite. This is not Sodium Chloride (table salt, or NaCl in chemistry parlance). Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) is used to purify water and can easily be found at a pool supply store.

By dissolving the 80% crystals until you establish a 28% by weight aqueous solution, you will have made a shelf-stable stock. 10 drops of this concoction should be mixed with the juice of 12 a lime to activate it (the citric acid is the key).

Waiting 3 minutes for it to fully blend, one should then drink it. One side effect is that it can make you a little nauseous. Because of this, it is best to take before bed.

The next morning, the flu should be gone. If not, a second dose should do it. There are several books describing the preparation and action of this valuable antimicrobial. For systemic conditions (distributed throughout the body) this is an excellent antimicrobial agent.