Cholera and Typhoid

Cholera and Typhoid are bacterial diseases that most commonly occur in third world countries.

Cholera tends to be persistent when a sanitary system is not implemented or properly functioning for drinking water, bathing and waste removal. Cholera is not widespread and is usually seeded into a specific area.

Typhoid is more widespread and prevalent after catastrophic events such as hurricanes, when sanitary conditions are temporarily breached.

In both conditions, the bacteria colonize the lower digestive tract and cause diarrhea and fever, which can quickly lead to dehydration. The standard of care for this condition has historically been antibiotics and intravenous fluids with either glucose or saline solutions. While this may have been necessary for allopathic physicians, as they had no other course of treatment, it is not without its own consequences.

Treating cholera and typhoid naturally

In the natural medical world, typhoid and cholera can be effectively treated quite simply with four two-ounce doses of an enhanced aqueous silver colloid. We use a product called Anti-Microbial Tonic, which is exactly the same as the Digestive and Urinary Tonic that is sold here in the United States. The only difference is the labeling.

The four two-ounce doses should be given a couple hours apart. The treatment can be continued for a second day, if necessary.

There are significant advantages to treating these two conditions in this way. First, since it is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, the Anti-Microbial Tonic doesn’t disturb the natural fauna and flora of the gut like antibiotics do.

This is important during the recovery phase when the patient must be able to absorb nutrition and synthesize vitamins to regain overall health.

Second, the protocol is simple enough and the recovery response is quick enough that patients require minimal (if any) hospitalization. In most adult cases, patients can administer the treatment by themselves.

It is important to reiterate here that salts ruin colloids and should not be mixed or taken in combination with a colloid.

The doses should be given on an empty stomach and the patient should not drink or eat anything for an hour after ingesting the colloid. Do not ingest Gatorade or sugary drinks. Let the colloid only be exposed to gut tissue and do its work in an environment free from contaminants.

In this way, it will be most effective both in terms of cure and timing. Once the diarrhea subsides there will be sufficient time for rehydration. If any liquids are to be administered during the course of treatment, it should be only pure water. Distilled water is best. After the treatment is completed, mineral water is fine.

Digestive and Urinary Tonic has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories for effectiveness against both cholera- and typhoid-causing bacteria. Results are spectacular; in very short times, virtually all bacteria of both types are completely eradicated.

View the report for DUT’s effectiveness against cholera here.

View the report for DUT’s effectiveness against typhoid here.