Hemorrhoids and Regularity


Hemorrhoids are not a subject that people enjoy thinking about, much less talking about. In fact, most people are embarrassed to have problematic hemorrhoids. They are very common at any age we get them more usually as we get older.

Most women are familiar with this problem as an unpleasant side effect from their pregnancy experience. When hemorrhoids present, they are most commonly treated by a pad product that reduces swelling. However, reducing the swelling is just one aspect of treating hemorrhoids and is but one symptom of the condition and not the major problem.

The formula used by Nature’s Rite to address the hemorrhoid inflammation problem uses our standard 3-part approach. First get rid of the symptoms, then deal with the cause and finally, help the body to heal itself.

In order to address the first aspect of the condition, Feverfew and White Willow are employed to ease the pain as both of these herbs are strongly analgesic. Any hemorrhoid sufferer will tell you that the associated unpleasant itch can also be terrible. To this end, the formula uses Calendula and Chickweed to soothe the sensitive affected tissues.

Then, Witch hazel and Oak Bark are utilized to shrink the swelling of the hemorrhoids while Mullein Leaves, Comfrey and Aloe Vera are added to help the body repair the damaged tissues. The Yarrow flower also significantly aids in maintaining antisepsis during the healing process.

Since the rectum is required to continue its basic function of passing waste during the healing period, the Licorice root is important as it supports the production of additional mucus. This acts to lubricate the colon and rectum and aids in a more gentle passage through the region during the fragile healing process.

This decoction of herbs is poured over absorbent cotton round pads which can be tucked into the rectal region. Once there, they continuously bathe the tissues in this soothing, restorative and healing broth.


By middle age, most of us have so distorted our digestive systems that symptoms have begun to manifest because of the damage. To complicate this, many older people are also dairy intolerant, wheat sensitive and gluten sensitive.

Diets are as prolific as there are foods, each making promises to help us both lose weight, digest food more efficiently, or have better and regular bowel movements. Some call for all vegetables and no meat; others no vegetables and all meat and protein.

For those who may be focusing on protein diets or those who may be on pain-killers, constipation can be a real and important problem. The correct approach is to heal the gut and stop taking pain killers, but for improved regularity there are a couple of helpful naturally available nutrients that are also highly effective.

Vitamin C is critical to collagen formation and an essential part of a balanced diet. It is also an excellent natural stool softener.

There are times when this is particularly helpful - such as when we are trying to allow hemorrhoids to recover as discussed in the previous section or when dealing with anal fissure repair.

Taking 1000 to 2000mg of Vitamin C per day is usually sufficient to keep the stool soft and moving comfortably.

In addition to the softening, adding sufficient Magnesium into our diets allows the bowels to produce mucus. The mucus of the gut is a natural lubricant which facilitates the peristaltic action of the colon and moves the waste along more easily. 250mg of Magnesium will help your bowel movement proceed more freely and regularly.

Here are some interesting facts that you should also consider:

  • Drinking too much wine can cause diarrhea
  • Wheat intolerance can cause diarrhea
  • Eating too much cheese can cause constipation
  • Opioid pain killers cause constipation
  • High protein diets tend to cause a more dense stool
  • Sufficient roughage is a good thing