Pink Eye

In regard to the eye, pink-eye, or conjunctivitis, is both contagious and can be a quite painful infection to the eye.

Pink Eye

At the first signs of the infection, you should start administering an acqueous colloid of silver, such as Nature’s Rite’s Sinus Relief, into the eye every hour. The eye drains quite quickly through the tear duct and therefore the key to making this work most effectively is to continue the application regularly.

Since the aqueous silver colloid that Nature’s Rite developed for Sinus Relief is not ionically balanced to body salinity, it is not particularly comfortable in the eye. Its equivalent to putting distilled water into the eye. While it is not harmful, it will feel a little rough and irritating.

This is why it is best to get started on the protocol before the pain of the pink-eye sets in. It is also best to put the colloid into both eyes as it is not uncommon for the condition to travel to the other eye.

We typically avoid using Digestive & Urinary Tonic or Super Neti Juice in the eye only because they each contain a trace of peppermint oil. This can also be irritating to the eye. So unlike with ear infections, it is best not to use Digestive and Urinary Tonic or Super Neti Juice.

It is important to resist the temptation to put Visine in the eye immediately after treatment. Although this tends to relieve discomfort, it inhibits the killing capability of the colloid as it is balanced with free chlorine ions that will bind to the silver. Wait at least 20 minutes before administering Visine.

There are other eye infections that can be dealt with in this manner as well. You can treat as often as you like, but the more often the treatment is applied, the quicker the result will be. A couple of drops each time should be all that is required and you typically cannot use too much or do it too often.