Emergency Preparedness Kit

Product Code: EK2020

Nature's Rite Emergency Preparedness Kit

The cessation of air travel has dramatically reduced particulates in the upper atmosphere. Less sunlight is being reflected back into space… Much more light is hitting our planet and warming it. The CO2 levels are still as high as they were and this is retaining more heat.

The effect on the global climate will be extraordinary. We are going to see the hottest summer on record with more super-storms, floods and natural disasters than we have ever seen. It’s just global climate science.

Be prepared for disasters in your community and the upsurgence of disease and injuries due to clean-up and support efforts.

Nature’s Rite is offering a kit of its most helpful products during these times of increased injury and disease.

The kit includes:

Item Quantity Description
1 1 Nebulizer
2 2 Respiratory Relief
3 1 Food Poisoning Relief (4-Pack)
4 1 Wound Relief
5 1 Super Neti Juice
6 2 Sinus Relief
7 1 Back and Neck Relief
8 1 Digestive and Urinary Tonic
9 1 Throat Relief
10 1 Healthcare Toolkit Book