Author's Note

Reasons for this book

Every book is written for a reason. The reason that I wrote this book, now turned into this Website, is that I am frustrated. For almost 20 years now I have been researching and developing natural health products. Because I sell these products, I am not allowed to tell the customers what they can do or how they work. The labeling laws of the United States have extended to the Internet and literature, thus making it illegal to make certain statements.

In essence, these laws have curtailed and censored a person’s ability to exercise free speech, which infringes on the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

This therefore makes it impossible to educate consumers on the many options now available to them by way of scientific research on how they can maintain their health without resorting to the drugs and surgery of “modern” allopathic medicine. So, I decided to write a book to better inform people about options they have in determining their own healthcare choices.

As a purveyor of natural health products, I am not allowed to say that certain herbs relieve pain. I cannot say that silver colloids kill bacteria. To describe to you how to reduce inflammation with natural products is also a violation of Federal Law. In fact, to even imply these things or to imply that herbs can be used to treat disease is considered a criminal offense.

The US Government has decreed that if you take a bottle with an herbal decoction (herbal tea) in it and put a label on it that says “For the treatment of eczema,” then that herbal tea is now a drug.

Of course this is neither reasonable, sane, nor in your best interests. The contents of the bottle did not change when the label was applied. It was an herbal decoction before the label and it is still an herbal decoction after the label. But once the label tells you how to use it to treat illness it magically becomes a drug and is now restricted. This infringes on your rights as a consumer to know about all of the options that you have in determining your healthcare and bottom line, amounts to limiting the sharing of information. That is to say, it amounts to censorship.

So this is my frustration and this is why I have written this book. Because the regulatory actions of the USA are so limiting that they actually preclude your right and ability to have information made available to you, limiting your ability to make your own decisions with regard to healthcare for yourself and your family.

The pursuit of happiness

Taking it one step further, in some cases, this eliminates your right to personal liberty and the pursuit of your own basic welfare and happiness. These laws are restricting your ability to learn how to keep your own body healthy and pain free by having access to and learning how to use common, safe ingredients that your ancestors have been using for a 100,000 years.

That limitation of the peoples’ rights and censorship of information exchange is immoral, unethical and a crime against society. It restricts your ability to have all of the information you might need in order to make an informed healthcare decision for you and your family.

To put it succinctly, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the greatest obstruction to healthcare that this world has ever known. It is my hope that in writing this book and Website it will someday fall under the protection of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is my hope that this rogue federal department, hiding under the cloak of protecting your safety, will be required to respect the law of the land and will not be allowed to limit the communication of valuable and useful knowledge. It is your health and your right to know and to make your own decisions concerning your health.

In this book, I intend to pass on to you all that I have learned in the past 20 years about how to maintain health, treat illness - and in some cases - cure disease using natural, safe, and centuries old remedies. I freely admit that I own and operate a company that produces and sells these natural curative products.

But, I am writing this book as a way to freely inform you the reader about the pitfalls of the FDA and the huge corporate drug companies that fund and control the information, pricing and products that you are being fooled into using. While it is true that some of the natural tools for this can be purchased from the company that I run, I am not intending this publication to be a form of advertising.

Just the facts

Books, and this one presented in the form of a Website, are not generally appropriate or effective marketing vehicles. Rather, my commitment to the reader is to present only factual information that I can substantiate and have learned empirically from clinical experience or scientifically through my work in laboratories.

I will therefore not blindly produce information from unreferenced sources because my only and primary objective is to educate you and to offer you available, real, time-proven options for you to better your health and health management.

My goal is not to convince you to buy or try any of my products or those on the market and available to you. Rather, I simply want to empower you with tools and information that I have learned to make well-informed decisions regarding healthcare and, that have allowed me to keep myself, my family and my friends healthy for the last two decades.

This book is also not an exhaustive treatise on natural healthcare. It is a starting point that addresses many common conditions about which, I am regularly asked; conditions that can be treated naturally. Almost every day, I get calls, emails and texts from doctors, friends, customers and family asking how to treat a common ailment or feel better and enjoy life more fully.

I want to help you to better understand all of the options that are available to you and not just those that forced on you against your God-given and Constitutional rights. I have endeavored to use non-technical and laymen terms throughout this publication so that you can easily understand and learn about all of the ways that you and your family can live a more healthy and productive life.

Therefore, I will include the use of graphs, pictures and reports from years of lab work. Again, my intent here is to make you aware of your options and the alternatives to dictated healthcare and empower you with tools.

My goal is very simple. It is to provide you with information and options. I am not trying to convince you that they work. You can learn that for yourself.

These Web pages are structured by common and prevalent health conditions. This allows you to read all about a particular malady for which you are seeking mitigation and relief. Because of this, you will see some healthcare tools that appear in more than one chapter because in the natural workshop, some tools can be used for more than one job.