The last decade has been an adventure for the Nature’s Rite company. In 2008, Steven Frank founded this enterprise with a simple, straightforward vision: Natural Solutions that Work.

With a decade now under his belt, Steve has clearly demonstrated that this vision is not mere sloganeering. These natural solutions not only work, they have gained the following of tens of thousands of loyal users in approximately 30 countries across the globe. There are Nature’s Rite customers solving their most common health problems naturally on every continent except Antarctica and there may well even be happy users there.

Drawing from 10 years of research in the natural medical field before this adventure even began, the Nature’s Rite product line has expanded dramatically along with its business.

Steve started by tackling sinus issues and sleep apnea. He followed those solutions by addressing skin problems, wounds, joint and muscle issues, restless legs and a host of other common health conditions. In the process, the Nature’s Rite company transported itself from chilly (in the winter) Colorado to sunny Sarasota, Florida.

There has been a great deal of knowledge gained along the way, but this is the most important nugget of wisdom that shined through the countless thousands of customers, orders and products shipped.

There are huge numbers of people across the world who want to own their personal healthcare decisions. They are self-sufficient, sensible people who refuse to hand over their health choices to the medical establishment or to governments.

While all Nature’s Rite solutions are completely natural, the emphasis is less on the “natural” angle than it is to supply products and protocols that work where Big Pharma solutions continue to fail.

It happens that the solutions Big Pharma and the medical establishment have created for many of our most common ailments are in fact quite bad for us.

For example, Steve tells us in these Web articles about the damage that antibiotic overuse can do to our bodies, our immune systems and to society in general. Yet the medical establishment continues to prescribe them for conditions where they do little or no good, such as sinus infections, all while bacteria in our environment become increasingly resistant to them.

I have been lucky and proud to be along for the Nature’s Rite journey. Though it might be a bit of an exaggeration, I still consider myself to be the world’s Number One fan of Nature’s Rite products.

As a reflexively do-it-yourself person, it happens that I have not had a single health condition in the last decade that has not been addressed by one or more Nature’s Rite products.

Sinus troubles and upper respiratory infections of viral, bacterial and fungal natures are now distant and unpleasant memories. I do not have to worry about what’s causing my sinus troubles. Nature’s Rite products kill them all. Colds are prevented using Sinus Relief and Super Neti Juice.

The inevitable cuts and burns that life deals one are quickly healed with Wound Relief. The aches and pains of exercise are addressed in advance with Muscle Honey. Recurring pain from a serious knee injury two decades ago is quickly dispatched with Bruise, Strain and Tear Repair (BST). An ongoing elbow problem is addressed using Joint Relief. Several badly sprained ankles quickly faded into history, also thanks to BST. Several scary cases of food poisoning became merely unpleasant memories in minutes thanks to Food Poisoning Relief.

In summary, Nature’s Rite is all about personal enablement through health. Big Pharma and the allopathic medical establishment simply have not properly addressed many of our most common conditions. The Nature’s Rite company has addressed them, using solutions created by nature herself.

On this Website, Steven Frank explains exactly how he did it in a way where you could do it yourself if you wanted to. You don’t have to, because Steve has already done it. Your understanding of some of our most common health conditions and natural solutions to them is guaranteed to be greatly enhanced by reading further.

Joseph Grim

Sarasota, Florida

April 2020