Vaginitis is typically caused by poor hygiene and is most frequently found in third-world countries where bathing is not as robust.

Vaginitis can also be caused by a yeast infection. Yeast infections are rather common in the USA as they can be directly attributable to the overuse of antibiotics.

Applying the Nature’s Rite Wound Relief Gel inter-vaginally with a vaginal applicator has been demonstrated to terminate vaginitis within a couple of days. Since it kills both bacteria and fungus, it doesn’t skew the natural fauna and flora of the vagina like an antibiotic or anti-fungal treatment would.

Three (3) to Five (5) ml of the gel can be loaded into a standard vaginal applicator syringe and introduced into the vagina. This application should be performed three times per day for two days.

Before going to bed is an excellent time as it will tend to remain in contact with the appropriate portions of the lining for the most amount of time.