Cholera Bacteria Test


Nature’s Rite Digestive and Urinary Tonic was tested on Vibrio cholerae, the bacteria that causes cholera, a third-world digestive illness that still ends up being fatal to many people.

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Certificate of Analysis

Client: Nature’s Rite, LLC

Project: MBC Screening against Vibrio cholerae

EMSL NO: 151401963

Start date: May 1, 2014

Report Date: May 8, 2014

Experimental Summary

An MBC screening was performed against Vibrio cholerae using the client’s antimicrobial product (Digestive and Urinary Tonic) and test protocol. Testing was performed in triplicate using 5-milliliter (mL) portions of client’s product and 5-mL portions of sterile saline serving as positive controls.

(The method was modified to use sterile saline instead of DIW because the test organism did not survive in the controls using DIW.)

Each portion was inoculated with 100 microliters (uL) of a 1x108 suspension of V. cholerae and incubated for one hour at 35-37 o C. Plate counts were performed after one hour from test and control tubes.

Experimental Results

CFU: Colony Forming Units

Tube Concentration at one hour (CFU/mL) Log Log Reduction Percent Reduction
Test-1 <10 <1 >5.4 >99.999%
Test-2 <10 <1 >5.4 >99.999%
Test-3 <10 <1 >5.4 >99.999%
Control-1 2.8 x 106 6.4
Control-2 3.3 x 106 6.5
Control-3 2.1 x 106 6.3
Control average 2.7 x 106 6.4


The test product provided greater than 99.999% reduction of the test bacteria at one hour.

Respectfully submitted by:

Melanie Rech

Laboratory Director