Salmonella Lab Test

Salmonella Lab Test on Nature’s Rite Food Poisoning Relief

This test was conducted at Warren Analytical Labs in Greeley, Colorado. The test was performed in peptone water solution, which is known to inactivate the silver particles and cause the silver to precipitate out of solution within 30 minutes. Although the silver particles were inactivated over time, the solutions were still able to kill the bacteria. The kill counts may be lower than ones not performed in peptone water solution due to the reduced exposure time.


Ten milliliters of Nature’s Rite Food Poisoning Relief was added to test tubes. One hundred fifty mg of dehydrated peptone water media was added to each tube and vortexed for 2 minutes. One hundred µl of an approximate 107 CFU/100µl was added to each tube and incubated for 30 minutes at 37o C. After incubation 500 and 100 µl was plated on sheeps blood agar plates and grown overnight at 37o C.

Control Plates

A serial dilution was done to accurately count the number of bacteria added to each tube. One hundred µl of bacteria was added to 900 µl of DI water, and 100 µl of the new DI water-bacteria solution was added to another 900 µl of DI water. This was repeated a total of 7 times to obtain -7 dilution. One hundred µl of these dilutions were then plated on LB-agar plates and grown overnight at 37o C.


30 minute incubation

Solution 0.1 ml plated 0.5ml plated Survival/ml Log Kill/ml
Control for Food Poisoning Relief 35 86 1.7x106 0.15
Food Poisoning Relief un-dilute 0 0 0 6.15

In this experiment the Food Poisoning Relief was very successful at killing salmonella. With a very short exposure in a saline rich environment, the Food Poisoning Relief was able to attenuate the population by 6 orders of magnitude or 1 million to one. The limited exposure time in this experiment made it more akin to the exposure environment in a stomach.