Silver Concentration

Ultrafiltrate Silver Concentration Study

by Klearsen Corporation

Steven Frank originally founded Klearsen Corp. in 1999 and developed KC-287 mentioned in this study. The present product, Nature’s Rite Respiratory Relief, is an improved version of the KC-287.


In order to determine the time required to clear an orally ingested silver colloid, a subject drank a known amount of colloid and periodic urine samples were collected. The samples were assayed for silver content. This was intended to evaluate only the clearance by ultrafiltrate. Solid waste clearance is the predominant pathway.

In layperson terms, this study demonstrates how quickly silver passes through the body via the urinary system.


A one-ounce bolus of 45 ppm pure silver colloid (in the form of Peaceful Mountain Stomach Rescue) was ingested orally. Urine was collected over a three-day period with individual samples sent to two different labs for concentration analysis.

Two samples of the Peaceful Mountain Stomach Rescue (its modern equivalent is Nature’s Rite’s Respiratory Relief) were taken and marked “12 and 12a”. These are the references used to determine the total ingested dose.

Date Time Sample Volume PPM Comments Total Volume (ml) Elapsed Time (hours)
8/14/03 06:45 1 400 <0.01 Baseline 0 0
8/14/03 10:45 2 325 <0.01 325 2
8/14/03 17:00 3 325 <0.01 650 10.25
8/14/03 22:00 4 210 0.01 First detection above limit 860 15.25
8/15/03 06:45 5 300 <0.01 1160 24
8/15/03 10:50 6 300 <0.01 1460 28
8/15/03 14:30 7 280 <0.01 1740 31.75
8/16/03 21:00 8 280 0.04 Notable Detection 2020 38.25
8/16/03 00:15 9 150 0.02 Remainder of bolus 2170 41.5
8/16/03 06:30 10 225 <0.01 Back below detection limit 2395 47.75
8/16/03 11 2795 <0.01 Total volume sample to Hazen
8/16/03 11a 2795 1.8 ppb Total volume sample to Warren Labs
8/16/03 12 38.1 Source colloid sample to Hazen
8/16/03 12a 45.0 Source colloid sample to Warren

Total Volume from which samples 12 and 12a were drawn was 2795 ml. Accounting for the 100ml lost to samples submitted for assay, a concentration of Ag+ at 1.8ppb implies roughly 5.2 ug of recovered silver.

Since 1.29mg of silver were ingested, this suggests a urinary excretion of 0.4% in the 48 hours following ingestion.

Urinary Silver Concentration

Total Ultrafiltrate Volume


An interesting point to note is that from ingestion to the point at which the silver first reached detectable limits of the main assay technique was approximately 15 hours and 860 ml of ultrafiltrated fluid. This speaks to the rather rapid absorption, movement and excretion of the silver.

After the first detectable levels, there seems to be an absence of silver in the urine. This is more likely to be a slight drop below the detection limit of the flame spectophotometric method since it has a limit of 10 ppb.

The final drop to below detection limits occurs at the 48 hour point with a peak concentration at 38 hours. This suggests that whatever silver is cleared by the kidneys is cleared rather quickly.