Relieving Congestion Naturally

During the Spring and Fall when allergens are prevalent, it is virtually impossible to enjoy the outdoors without inhaling a variety of irritating pollens into the nasal environment. This too often causes a reaction and congestion.

Aside from making it more difficult to breath, the congestion can also cause the sinuses to close off, allowing pockets of bacterial and fungal over-growth. Allergens may not directly cause sinus infections, but they can certainly facilitate them by offering congestion and closing sinus areas that are conducive to growing organisms.

When this occurs, one may need a solution that will soothe the membranes, dry up excess mucus secretion, and constrict the vasodialation caused by local inflammation. As with the Nature’s Rite Sinus SupportTM product, Calendula and Aloe serve to soothe the membranes and support the repair of damaged tissues.

Eyebright and Elder Flower reduce the histamine response to allergens and reduce the excess mucosal flow. Horseradish and Yarrow Leaf constrict the swollen nasal membranes to reduce congestion and allow more open and effortless breathing.

Moreover, these herbs act directly on the cells within the nasal tissue allowing them to produce their own natural anti-histamines and mucosal flow modifiers. Because they work with the cells instead of directly affecting change in the tissues, they are not habit-forming.

The cells are encouraged to produce the balancing constituents (unlike with over-the-counter anti-histamine products). This negates the rebound effect often experienced upon cessation of conventional medications that are used to reduce congestion.

The decoction of these herbs can be presented in a saline-balanced, water-based spray that is not diluted. This full strength herbal decoction is very effective at counteracting the seasonal congestion caused by allergies. Such a product can be found at Nature’s Rite and is called Congestion Relief.