Sensitive Sinuses

Supporting Sensitive Sinuses - Prevention

When a person is not experiencing a sinus infection, the goal is to keep the nasal membranes moist, soothed and clear of irritants. This can be done with an herbal spray in a balanced saline base.

Pollution, dry winter environments, allergens and dust can irritate and dry out the sinus and nasal membranes. It is important to have a means for protecting the nose and sinuses at all times during the year so as to avoid the inflammation that can facilitate an infection. Your environment, climate, altitude, and other climatic factors will determine how often you use preventive measures to protect your sinuses.

Calendula and Aloe Vera are naturally soothing herbs for delicate tissues like skin and nasal membranes. Yarrow leaf is a natural means for reducing swelling of nasal tissues. By combining these in a water-based decoction that has been diluted for gentleness, an effective and mild supporting spray can be made. Since the sinus environment is generally considered internal, ionically balancing the liquid to normal saline levels aids in the comfort when sprayed on sensitive membranes.

By using this herbal spray, one can periodically (every few hours) bathe the sinuses in a soothing and moisturizing spray. This will cleanse the area of irritants while at the same time keep the nasal membranes from becoming inflamed and swollen. Nature’s Rite herbal spray, Sinus SupportTM, is an ideal preventive treatment for the care and maintenance of sinuses.

An alternate method for soothing the sinuses after the infection has been cleared is to again introduce the neti-pot. In this case, the goal is to reach the sinus membranes and using the Calendula and Aloe Vera herbal decoction is quite a valuable tool.

Also highly effective are Plantain, Echinacea and Eucalyptus. These herbs will directly relax and protect the vulnerable sinuses from further attacks.

The Plantain will promote the growth of new tissues to replace those damaged during the infection. A product that is designed to perform this function when used in a neti-pot is Nature’s Rite’s Herbal Neti SootherTM. This herbal decoction can be diluted into your salt-based neti-pot and used to keep your sinuses protected and healthy throughout the year.

Regardless of where you live, during the year there will be times when you are exposed to higher than normal levels of molds, virus, and bacteria. These are airborne pathogens and will begin to multiply in your sinuses. This happens naturally as you breathe.

It is highly recommended that everyone get into a regular practice of flushing the sinuses once a week (or more often if needed) in order to disinfect them.

Nature’s Rite Sinus ReliefTM is perfect to always have with you especially when you go into public environments. By having these Nature’s Rite products on hand, you can effectively protect and prevent sinus problems. Use them to suppress infection before it gets to the point where it is causing you pain and malaise.

However, if infection does occur, you have additional Nature’s Rite products and treatment methods available to you to effectively remedy any sinus problem.