Sinus Summary


Maintaining healthy and effective sinuses year round doesn’t require prescription medications or addicting decongestants. It can be achieved with herbal decoction sprays and natural antimicrobials.

This is important since we have to work with our bodies to maintain health for 80 or 90 years of life. Using damaging antibiotics on a regular basis or using addictive decongestants can be serious impediments to maintaining your health over the long-term.

Keeping the sinuses moist, open and soothed is a critical part of maintaining a healthy body. It is important to remember that bacteria growing in your sinuses may also move to your lungs, stomach and through-out your body so it is most important to suppress them effectively.

Keeping the sinuses healthy by natural means that are gentle and supportive can be a vital part of a life-long process to maintain the very important sinus structure and avoid infection.

Delivering the antimicrobial agent only and directly to your nose and sinus area and, as importantly, only when needed, is a very holistic and low-impact approach to treating these infections when they occur.

It avoids disturbing the body’s natural fauna and flora which exists throughout the body and supports the maintenance of a healthier overall life.

In fact, most fungus that are found throughout your body come in through the nose, drain into the stomach with the mucosal flow and are then passed on to the gut. This can lead to problems in the digestive system such as IBS.

The best way to ensure digestive health is to limit the fungus that are thriving in your sinus passages and avoid the fungus that can develop further throughout your gut and the rest of your body. Regular neti cleansing with Nature’s Rite Super Neti JuiceTM and spraying with Sinus ReliefTM will maintain a healthy sinus environment and maintain overall health.

You can learn to live with your nose and survive in a polluted, dry and pollinated environment. You can live in harmony with your sinuses if you understand how to both maintain and be proactive in their care. When problems do occur, you can follow the guidelines as outlined in this chapter, which will allow your sinuses to enjoy a healthy life.